"I met Milla Marie at an event in London. At the time my hair was dull (from highlights and sun). Milla told me about her shampoo and the benefits I could gain from using it. Within a month of using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair seemed so much healthier. My blonde hair was shiny and even seemed fuller. The natural extracts of the products did not give me scalp irritations (as other shampoos have in the past). I really like the camomile extract and the freshness and thicknessI felt after every wash.

I still use Milla Marie products now and have very long healthy hair! I would definitely recommend this product to those seeking to gain healthier, shinier and fuller hair.

Being an active equestrian and model I can honestly say that the products have helped me maintain “picture perfect” hair."

 - Clementine, Equestrian & Model, France



“My hair has thickened spectacularly! It is a super effective shampoo! I would have never believed that it could work so well. Thank you!”

- Isabelle Bourvier, Designer, Bordeaux-Bergerac, France


“Milla Marie is a wonderful shampoo. It has helped me to grow and strengthen my hair enormously. It has become easily manageable and luxurious. I absolutely love it!!"

- Uliana Believa, Owner of the salon-spa at Nevsky Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia


“Milla Marie shampoo gives a natural and soft cleanse and it leaves my hair soft, shiny and smooth. It has become less frizzy.”

- Olga Baby, Artist, London


“Milla Marie is incredible! I can’t believe it. I wash my hair only once and it leaves my hair fresh and clean for longer – I no longer have to wash it every two days. It will be great for anyone who has an oily scalp although I have a normal hair type.”

- Renata Volc, Manager, Butlers Chocolates, London


“It is working for me! My hair is stronger and more shiny.”

- Polina Semernikova, Solicitor, London


“I am a 20 year old guy and I never thought I could go bald so early. When my mom bought Milla Marie shampoo I was very sceptical and did not believe it would make any difference. But after 6 months I saw amazing results – I had new hairs on my bald patches! It is truly miraculous!”

- Lukas Paulauskas, Student, Riga, Latvia

Real Results


Our clients have been coming back to us for years. We have acheived an ever growing and loyal customer base across the globe. Our clients can testify to the real results and remarkable benefits of using Milla Marie.


  • Thicker, fuller hair
  • Suitable for all hair types (natural, bleached, damaged and fine hair)
  • Colour fade prevention
  • Strengthens and protects hair for less breakage
  • Instant damage repair
  • Enriches and nourishes hair


Total Protection


The Milla Marie hair care system has been specially developed to deliver total hair care protection. Used as directed, the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask work to provide a unique set of benefits designed to maximise the natural radiance of your hair.



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